Yoga Konga

3kwan So Travel Yoga Mat

Ideal for travelers or to be used as an additional layer at home.
This lightweight mat is easy-to-pack.


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This mat is especially suitable for your asana and meditation practice because the cotton enables the flow of life force (also called prana) unlike most other rubber mats which have an insulating effect.
When seated in meditation pose, the earth’s energy can be fully absorbed and travels from the sacrum to the crown to connect with the Absolute.

Measurements: 207cm x 75cm x 0.3cm

Weight: 1kg

Material: GOTS certified organic cotton

Product details:
Wool white
Hand-painted black print with natural colors
Extremely absorbent
Feels great against the skin
Odor free
Non-toxic material
Ideal for travelling due to its light weight and small pack size

Washing guide:
Hand wash (machine-washable on “hand-wash” or “delicate” setting) separately in cold water
Do not use any detergent or fabric softener
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Lay flat to dry
Warm iron if necessary

Fully recyclable and no plastic

Symbols on the mat:
The Adinkra symbols are from Gyaman, a former kingdom in today’s Ivory Coast and Ghana. According to a legend of the Asante, Adinkra was the name of the King of Gyaman. The full term is Nana Kofi Adinkra. The Adinkra symbols represent various themes in relation to the history, beliefs, spirituality and philosophy of the Asante.
They usually have a deeper underlying meaning, since proverbs play an important role in Asante culture. The use of proverbs is considered as a mark of wisdom.

Adinkra includes the Akan word for message, nkra. It is also a contains the Akan words for “taking leave of someone” or “saying goodbye”, di nkra, and the Akan word for the soul, kra. Dinkra is the parting or send-off message or intelligence that the soul carries to and from God.

“Culture depends on symbols. Without symbols there will be no culture.“
– E. Fianko- Ntiamoah (1971)

7. Sunsum = Spirituality
6. Ohene = Foresight, Wisdom
5. Adinkrahene = Leadership, Charisma
4. Osrane Ne Nsoromma = Love, Harmony
3. Dwennimm3n = Strength, Toughness
2. D3nky3m = Adaptability
1. Asase Ye Duru = Divinity of the Earth

The seven Adinkras on the mat are substitutions for the seven chakras.
Each Adinkra has specific qualities of symbolism, characteristics, phonetics and animals which correspond to the substituted chakra.
For example, the Adinkra displayed on the top is called Sunsum and symbolizes spirituality. The wording sounds similar to the Sanskrit word Sushumna, the central energy line which connects to the Absolute in the crown chakra allowing the kundalini to rise.
The Adinkra Osrane Ne Nsoromma stands for love and harmony just like the heart chakra, which, being the middle chakra, connects the upper and lower chakras and creates harmony among them.
Dwennimm3n means ram‘s horn and symbolizes strength like the navel chakra whose chakra animal is the ram.
The sacral chakra stands for sexuality but also for adaptivity. Its chakra animal is the crocodile. D3nky3m means crocodile and symbolizes this as well. It also stands for flexibility.
The lowest Adinka, Asase Ye Duru, symbolizes the divinity of the earth and perfectly represents the root chakra which connects us to it.

These parallels display a universal origin of spirituality as well as the close and complex connection of Africa and the rest of the world, which become visible on this level.

Über Yoga Konga

Owner: Luisa Konga Der Name ist Programm: YOGA KONGA wurde 2018 gegründet und ist eine Bekleidungsmarke, die Yoga und Afrika vereint. Konga ist der Nachname von Luisa, der Gründerin von YOGA KONGA und Tochter einer deutschen Mutter und eines Vaters aus dem Kongo und Angola. YOGA KONGA ist von Afrika inspiriert, deshalb ist die Kollektion in der traditionellen westafrikanischen Tie-Dye-Technik…

zur Yoga Konga Seite

Lieferung & Rücksendung


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Versandkosten & Länder

Die Versandkosten sind abhängig vom Lieferumfang sowie dem Bestimmungsort der Sendung und werden Dir transparent beim Bezahlvorgang angezeigt.

*Hinweis: Bitte beachte, dass eventuell bei grenzüberschreitenden Lieferungen weitere Steuern und/oder Abgaben, etwa in Form von Zöllen anfallen können, die du innerorts zahlen musst.


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