Art Comes First

Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh founded the ACF in order to circulate sartorial nourishment, oxygenating time-based projects through dynamic collaborations with different creatives in their network.

The A.C.F.’s network continues to both define and redefine the real ACF with Lambert and Maidoh dedicated to pumping the day-to-day lifeblood through its ever expanding creative corpo partly by provoking their peers with specific creative concepts. The particular magnetism that binds together individual contributors to the ACF and its projects comes directly from their shared admiration of craftsmanship’s history and their dedication to its future.

Art comes First proposes that this blend of ingredients can become the center of a meta-art form to provide protection, nurture and galvanization for other forms of expression in Art. Photography, painting, performance…. – any form of expression concerned with alchemical process of transforming the base experience into the more sublime, even divine, alloy stair-steps of a particular man’s independent accession full potential.

Like raw plants into fibers. Like modest fibers into yarn. Like yarns into cloth, like cloth style.

Fashion may suffer from a reputation as art’s most shallow valued cousin, but that is only because it is being abused. The A.C.F. is not about fashion in that way. It is about something else entirely. The nobility of the striving we fulfil our responsibility to inspire one another.

ACF presents their tailoring line this season Avec Ces Frères; Travelling tailoring by travelling tailors. Compact-architectural- footprint combined with an impression of modern, wearable items that look clean/sharp/creative and travel-friendly.

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